About Tiger Windwalker

This site is dedicated to the artistic expression of the human soul and all its ancillary faces. There is recognition and compassion here for the dark places we must cross in our journey toward self-discovery and sharing. And also there is celebration here for those who emerge from the “other side” into a kinder and gentler world….where limiting circumstances, beliefs and self-doubt slowly retreat in the rear view mirror of our daily contemplation…paled by the new found joys of love, self-expression, confidence and skill.


“The Muse that you have been waiting for is here…..and it’s you!”




At 69 years of age, I have walked an interesting path this lifetime…from being raised on a fruit orchard in Los Altos Hills, Ca….learning discipline and skills which have followed me for a lifetime, to being a radical at the University of California at Berkeley in the 60’s. In the 70’s, I obtained a teaching credential and promptly decided, “no, that’s not for me”….I went back to my roots to become a handyman and eventually a licensed contractor with a thorough working knowledge of every trade.


At the same time, I took an interest in eastern spiritual practices, while heading to wild places as often as I could to enjoy Nature’s beauty. Around the mid-70’s, I began participating in my first human potential groups and as I delved into my conditioning and early life circumstances, I found myself expressing and a releasing a lot of buried emotions that had hobbled me all my life. Also, around this time, I began seriously playing harmonica, flutes and singing (both my parents were musicians). To boot, I began to study astrology, offered readings, welcome new clients. All of these skills and interests have followed me throughout my life.


In the 80’s, I had my first divorce…left my expensive property in Los Altos….moved to Santa Cruz and was smitten by Bhagwhan Shree Rajneesh. I lived in the commune there and eventually was asked to come to Rajneeshpuram in Oregon to help build the second largest city in Eastern Oregon….which I did. Being around an enlightened master is certainly a life changing experience. Lucky for me….I have met a few.


After learning how to build a city, I chose to leave the “Ranch” during its “heyday” because all the intense construction that I had done had hurt my back and I needed to rest and heal. I left the “Ranch” with a cute girl from England who would become my second wife. Eventually, I settled at our family property in the Santa Cruz Mountains where I built a retirement cabin for my Dad and my own home, too. Around the mid-eighties, I discovered my Native American roots. With testimonials from my mother, I was qualified to participate in the pow wow circuit as a vendor. My wife and I grew and collected herbs, made incense, jewelry, T-shirts, and ceramics. I met a lot of good people during this time. I had many initiations and experiences that helped me remember who I am.


In the 90’s, my commitment to my spiritual growth took me on many powerful adventures and to faraway places. My second marriage came to an end. I had a very powerful vision quest in the Ventana Wilderness in Big Sur in 1992. Subsequently, I felt the need to go on the radio to offer my deepening perspectives about spirituality and human experience. This kind of exposure brought new friends into my life, some of whom, to this day, remain my friends. Also, at this time I began writing poetry and chronicling the powerful events working on my life. After another earth-shaking vision quest in Sedona in 1993, I collapsed into a state of total exhaustion and contemplation. It felt as if the form and presumptions of my previous life had cracked, shattered and fallen away.


This is when I met Hunbatz Min, the Mayan Day Keeper, who honored me and who became my friend. Slowly, slowly, I began to use a growing awareness and practice to crystallize a new emerging me…more fit to contrast with a disbelieving world increasingly riding it’s own downward spiral. With my new friends, there were journeys, openings and realizations which became the building blocks for a new sense of self.


All during this time, I continued to share my experiences with others, whether it was as an intuitive astrologer, shaman, musician, radio personality or just an ordinary guy. In the mid-90’s, I traveled to many sacred places of beauty in the Western US and Hawaii. These were opportunities to fill my medicine shield with more and more allies and to learn to beseech the Ancestors, Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Also my connections with fellow spirit travelers deepened ’till we all shared equally in life-affirmative experiences….bonds that have bonded us to this day.


I continued to write poetry…honoring my growing connection to the multiplicity of selves that constitute the greater me. In 1996, I met the woman who would become my third wife. I was on a quest to find spinning dolphins who had come to me in a vision and had joyfully asked me to come visit them. When I met Laura the first time, I told her the details of my vision and she said, “Oh, I know where they live and swim…I’m going to see them there next month”.


Well that was quite a shock, but as it ended up, I swam with dolphins for the first time with Laura at my side in 1997. It turns out that Laura was a group leader and Gestalt therapist at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. since the mid-70’s. So loving dolphins and a new woman was my focus for the next years as we would spend part of the year in Hawaii and return to Big Sur to do groups at Esalen. It was around the turn of the century that I decided that with all the poems that I had written, I surely had enough to share with folks in a book format. I took me a total of ten years to find the right people to do the artwork for my book and complete the whole process. ¬†Finally, “Walk in Beauty….Journey of a Big Sur Mystic” was finished. That book is available right here….on my website!

In 2006 I moved to Murphys, Ca, to work on a large piece of rural land….clearing brush, putting in roads, infrastructure and building homes. I continued to commute back to Big Sur, but eventually, my wife and I moved to one of the houses I had built in the Motherlode.

In 2010 I began writing on Twitter (@coyotedolphin). This has been the beginning of my most prodigious creative time. I have generated literally thousands of poems, aphorisms, haiku and jokes during the five and half years on Twitter. Recently, I have also been posting on Facebook. I consider myself an inspirational writer. While acknowledging human foibles, I keep to the higher ground of humanity’s goodness and capacity for change. This is how my life has worked. Always the optimist I am with my feet on the ground…searching out new places of beauty and mystery.


Tiger Windwalker

alias….Epes R Williams, Jr.