Another Way

things goin’ my way

but not each and everyday

pushin’ the river

don’t make it flow

and believe it or not

thoughts don’t make my life go

but there’s a spirit

behind all things

like breath and dreams

and all stuff unseen

I put my ear down there

and humbly ask

for directions how 

I can attend my tasks

and i get answers

it’s pretty clear

following dotted lines

that emerge from here


no worries
no hurries
somewhere out there
sweet things are brewing
and peace is stewing
can you sense it
in the spaces around things?
& in between your knowing cells
…a new day is coming
…a new consciousness rising
is it calling you?
…turn the volume down
…turn the sensitivity up
the radar of your soul
wants to show you the way

Heart Rocks



heart rocks

have legs

for walkin’

but no lips

for talkin’

they just appear

in the strangest


makes you think


is run by Graces

no…don’t need no lips

put that heart rock

to your ear

or on your hips

you’ll hear it…

the love inside

from one heart

to another

’tis a special thing

…a son’s love

for his mother